Time for a Blog Change…

So the traditional SL fashion blog bores me (yawn) so i’mma talk about what i want…and maybe update you about my store.

Well this week been DRY! People acting like dey can’t shop unless its Fifty L Friday or suttin. Remember when everyone was ballin w/ they 3k moodies and 200 prim hair. Last year was a good year.

I did make a new fit tho. Its a denim jumper and its bootylicious !

^dat broad look ghettolicious ! (haha dats me lol)


Miinii Inc (My Kid Store) got a new look today. Red + Zebra Print + New Build=Happy Esme…Clothes are still 50ls til tomorrow. So holla at that….(word)


Anyways in rl news, I went to subway today and instead of lettuce i put spinach on my oven roasted chicken. :O

5…5 dolla…5 dolla foot longggggggg BIOTCH!



Holla Back Hoes (woot woot)

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  1. BonDishaCaneishaMahlayjaHaryya

    Yes girl, work.

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