feelinnerdeh, originally uploaded by Ariandym.

Rockin some Freebies today ;]

The shirt was ultra sexy w/o the undershirt that came with; however when I put it on i felt like a sexy lil nerd. Wanna borrow my library card? 😉


Veneno – Acid Outfit (free-group gift in store)

Miinii Inc – Basic Shorts Black (60l) , Nerd Frames Black (50l) [my kid store ^.^]

Shampoo – Stripped Leggings (free-group gift in store)

Nushru – Hair Sophia in Onyx (175l)

Urban Bomb Unit – Pornstar Lo-Tops (495l)

Luck Inc – Finger Tapes (1l)

ICED – Short Cross Necklace , Whole Buncha Bangles in Black (price unavailable-cheap tho :P)


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  1. Going to them leggins riiii nah! riiii nah! riiii nah!

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