Papa-Paparazzi! YEA!

So before I start I wanna say “YAY ME!” I’m syndicated on so OOT OOT! Thanx hija for tellin me cause I had no clue :P!

Back to topic, continuing with my decade moods, I decided to showcase a new store by Londie Popstar named “Paparazzi. Trendy fun and highly detail clothing at great prices. Any girl will look 80s chic in her stuff. Here’s some looks I whipped together.

Hair – Lamb Stargaze in Snickers (300l)

Blazer – &Bean Maps

Bra – Paparazzi ElectricBra Red (95ls)

Skirt – Paparazzi BadGirl Skirt in Red (115ls)

Gloves – A&A Nonchalance Set (Exclusive @ TDR 65ls)

Shoes – Kookie Athena in Silver (50l friday exclusive)

Glasses – Epoque Browline Shades

Nails – Page 3 Pretty Hands in Long (450ls)

Hair – Mirai Kumy in BlueBlack (250ls)

Shades – Epoque “Smile for the Paparazzi” (150l Stumblebum Exclusive)

Vest – Aoharu Leather Rider Vest

Bodysuit – Paparazzi Splash Me Leotard in Blue (90ls Black Friday Exclusive)

Leggings – Aoharu Hard Crash Leggings in Black

Shoes – Pixel Mode Baby T’s in Black (300ls)

This my 90’s look (kinda like hard rock punk band attire ^.^)

Hair – Fab-U-Lous Reeva in Black (150ls) NEW

Piercings – Dirty Word Razor Cut (MM Prize), Gauged Snake Bites + Septum

Pasties – Goth1co Bitch Nipple Bandaids

Shirt – Luck Inc Tankdress Wet (220ls)

Dress – Sn@tch “In The Ring” Corset Dress

Belt – Luck Inc Wide Leather Belt

Gloves – Sinistyle Taped Fist (75ls)

Bracelets – Sinistyle Strap Bracelets

Leggings – Paparazzi Slash Me Leggings in Black (115ls)

Earrings – Redgrave Key in Silver

All Poses by Long Ackward Pose (50l friday exclusive)

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