Rockin’ My Curvez

My SL Play Mama/Bestie/Sister (dun ask) FINALLY got off xstreet and brought her store in world.

Introducing Curvez! by Calicurvez.

Her style is pretty much girly girl dresses and summertime fun fits, pretty much what being a cali girl is all about. I bought up most of the store and decided to blog my favorites of what she made.

I just wanna say to her that I’m so proud of her. I remember when she was takin my “sewing” class @ Brazy and she was one of my best students. I can’t wait to see your growth and best of luck =D

Her Store Here

Her Blog Here

Fit: Curvez Pink Rockstar Dress (200ls)

Hair: Fab-U-Lous Trissa in Black (150ls)

Fit : Curvez Wild Thang Dress (150ls)

Hair : Kin Eku in Black (100ls)

Fit : Curvez Sassy Sun Dress (150ls)

Hair : Posh Vicious Hypnosis in Ash Red (50ls, Thristy Thursdays Special)


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  1. Love you mija!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Peowwwww Bitch! Rock that shit! Too cute!!! 😀

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