After Party : Recap of BHS 2010 Prom

OH MY LAWD! Last night was like the best night of my second life! HAHA!

So after Sinful had her baby last night, we started gettin ready for prom (don’t ask). My brother Jayden, his date Jai came to the house. Along w/ my dad, my play mom, my sister and Sin’s fam. We started taking pics downstairs, waiting for sin to “put her face on” 8-|

Me and Jayden

Jayden and his date Jai

So after waiting til almost the last minute!, Sin finally came down looking like my lil elf ^.^.

Me and Sinful

So after that we “hopped in the limo” and got to prom. The paparazzi was all over us GOSH! This one asked me if I was pregnant. Im like WHAT DA EFF >.>.

So after we got in, I started noticing that the prom was getting packed in the first 5 minutes of pre-prom. So i hopped in line to get my pic done by Dolce Reyes.

So after that, me, Sin, Jay and Jai got our food. We had Lobster, Fried Chicken, and Ribs (Thanx to Siren lol).

Around 5 everyone hit the dance floor when DJ Muz. Muz was crackin me up last night. From her tryna pronounce everyone name to talkin bout why we 17 w/ big booties.

Me and Sin slowdanced most of the night and shared our first kiss. TWAS MAGICAL :’D.

Around 6:30 Tiara and Tez were announced as Prom Princess and Prince.

Then @ 7 Gen and I were announced Queen and King. I was shocked honestly. Everyone kept telling me I was gonna win and I’m like naaaaaaaa.

Sin had to request “Your love is King” by Sade after tho…I laughed lol.

My feelings about prom: It was what you made it. I had a blast. I think most of it had to do with me havin the best date in the world (even tho ppl tried to say they did…mhm i see u Guapo and Siren <3)

Only bad part of last nii was Sinful is the principal’s sister and the dj’s daughter so I was chaperoned all night long -.-. lolll ❤

Last thing i wanna say is….


(drops mic)


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