iDentity News Jun 1 2010

It’s the first of the monthhhhhhhh (get up get up get up)…

LOL, but seriously…

First off I’m uber happy because I got over 1000 hits on my blog. I know some people like so? But since I only been hardcore blogging for 2-3 weeks, thats BIG to me.

Secondly, my sale is over (blah). But I probably won’t change the prices til later on today because I want to make something for my kid store so gon’ head and get some stuff before i log in lol.

Lastly, If you want in-world updates on what’s going on with iD, along with group gifts, you have to go to my store. When you rezz in, something will ask you if u want to join my group. Say yes and thats it. I’m going to get rid of my sl group and my subscribe-o-matic.

Taxi to iDentity

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