LOTD : Diary

Raised by a momma who,
Hate her baby father so,
She dont have a problem with,
Saying f*ck a n*gga quick,
Im just tryna be the one who never run, but you run away from me,
Girlfriends man cheat,
Why not me the same thing,

She cant see in me, what I see in her,
This pain she inherit cant be reversed,
I cant even stay living in the shade of all the motherf*ckers who played you,
The irony in that is that I aint even that, but you coulda been these pages,

Wife, you deserve the label but, but, you been hurt before so you dont feel your able,
Tried them didnt work, got impossible standards, nothing that I ever do works,
Diary of a black girl,

I wonder why I sit and cry,
Wish I could shed all these tears,
Im down and out,
I’ll keep on moving and tryna get out,
I dont know how to move on,
Where I went wrong,
I wish I could live with no fear,
So down and out,
Ill keep it moving and tryna get out,

The Look:

Jacket – Sweetest Goodbye Highway Star in Denim (320ls)

Bra – 4eva Gutta Decover’d

Dress – Luck Inc Sinken Dress in Black (299ls)

Stockings – Sweetest Goodbye Sweetie Black in Web/Wild (90ls)

Hair – Exile Fiona in Blue Velvet (295ls)

Accessories – Dirty Word Razor Cut (MM prize), Black Cross Necklace (50ls) **Closed**

Shoes – Pixel Mode Baby T’s in Black (300ls)

Location : Urban Wreckage


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  1. Dont catch no cold in all that rain…. O.O

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