TDR Blue | Dos and Don’t

Before I go into how i bought just about everything in The Dressing Room today, lets go over some do’s and don’ts.

DO log into the dressing room instead of teleporting from home. (thats my special trick to get in)

DON’T complain about lag. Its annoying and lags not gonna change. Sorry.

DO get their early. Most time people come to these kind of things in the middle of the day so coming in the wee hours of the morning work wonders.

DONT talk in local about dumb shit or nasty shit. Example:

[18:12]  ____ Ruff cums
[18:12]  ____ Arida: looooool
[18:13]  ArianDym Nightfire: o_o

DO get your shit and bounce. We don’t need your avi bringing more lag just by standing there. (Mad this girl was in Away Mode there…GOOOORL!)

DON’T rezz in looking like you ms fashionista. More prims more lag.

DON’T rezz in wearing moodys. How did you teleport anyways?

So to the Clothes. ALL the outfits i’m wearing are from TDR Blue. I’m also wearing the Glow Innocent Lashes in Gentle and some of the Boon Hairs. Other Hairs were from Fab-U-Lous (Lela in Black-150ls) and Truth (Boho in Crow Both Versions-250ls). For more info and prices on The Dressing Room items, please visit the official blog here.

Feet from SLink: Jolie Pied Flat Bare (600ls). I tinted the Boon Hair as well. It comes in a sandy color.

^Fave Look I put together. Glasses From Mustache. The Kookie Shoes I got from 50l fridays but there is a version @ The Dressing Room.

Hair from Exile : Fiona in Graystone

Stiletto Moodys Katherine In Black

❤ this dress 😮

I hope you guys love The Dressing Room as much as I did. Until next time ;]


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  1. Yaaaaaas! no “cummin” in the dressing room…. like i said these aint walmart prices! O.O

    But this my dear… gonna have to be a do for me:

    DON’T rezz in looking like you ms fashionista. More prims more lag.

    Oh hell yes… watch me strut! LMAO

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