Black Friday; 7-9-10

Oot Oot! iDentity Back this week =]



Miinii Inc





Others in Black Friday:




Comic Nerd



About identitysl

Royalreign23 Resident

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  1. whathappen?

    what happen? your blog use to be soooo good! Now you have all this kiddy sl stuff… I’ve given it a few weeks to get my thrill back, but i’m almost ready to leave the group… You have style but the kid this is just creepy…

    • Well that’s simple…I have 2 stores…one kid one adult…now you think that kid stuff is creepy is your opinion but ppl like to roleplay being a kid plus its a more creative market. If you want to leave my blog or group feel free…no pressure to stay…but im going to keep bloggin what i like cause my name is in the title…ty 🙂

  2. Keep doin your thing mija! You shouldnt have to explain to anybody why you blog what you blog…. Whether you blog about kid clothes, adult clothes, furry clothes, neko… your clothes, my clothes… *eric cartman voice* “Whateva, whateva, I do what I want!”

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