Preview of the Weekend;Miinii Inc

Kiddos tomorrow we doin it REAL BIG!

The Fits

I was in a asian harajuku kinda weird mood this week. I was inspired by the store happy finds and BP.

Vest Puppy and Sad Panda will be 50ls tomorrow and will go to regular price on Saturday morning.

Nature;Fit will be 60ls til Monday Morning.

The Shapes

Also I made 10 shapes. Each Shape has skin info included so you can look EXACTLY like the pic if you want too. Most the skins I used were freebie skins from Vive9. I also used some CandyDoll and Mons.

Skin : CandyDoll Tan Dana Makeup 3 Lip 2 HB (100l)

Skin: -Mons- Summer Skin Tan (300ls)

Skin: (vive9) Miranda [coffee] Fresh Base Skin (Free)

Everything will be released tomorrow morning =]

See all the Shapes Here

Miinii Inc


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