LOTD;My Chick Bad

*Kisses Michi Fhang on the cheek and leaves black lipstick*


I bought the fatpack -.- (2500ls) but its SO WORTH IT! Like she has, every look that nicki ever did in there!

So i took one make up and did my LOTD.

Skin: Fhang Candy Nicki//Harajuku Barbie #1

Tattoo Layer: Nuuna face tattoo – stripe

Tattoo: Tiny Bird “I gave you my heart” ❤

Eyes: Mons Eye Series 4 Color-Yellow

Lashes: Glow Linkas

Piercings: ICED Piercing Set 11, Gauged Snakes & Septum

Earrings: RYCA SWW Square Platinum

Bracelets: Sinistyle Strap Bracelets

Gloves: Sinistyle Taped Fists and Black Nails (Full Palm,Forearm Gap)

Hair: Mirai Kibt in Black

Necklace: HOD Mercenary

Outfit: Luck Inc Petite Black Grey Stripes

Shoes: Kookie Bonnie in Black


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  1. that’s hot and i need to get those shoes!

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