Epoque Fashion Show

Now on Friday, I told you guys to get ur tickets. Honestly the EPOQUE FASHION SHOW was by far the best thing I’ve seen on Second Life PERIOD! Like besides the clothes (which we’re hot as hell and according to Vintage will be out in about 2 weeks—look out for stublebum brigade as well) But the whole organization of the show was AMAZING. Like first you got these…um…great outfits lol. Hey they calmed the lag down so they were great. Then when you got to the actual show, people had room to see and to breathe. We weren’t cramped or anything. Then the lights…AMAZING. The production was like a real life concert. Vintage honestly that show was AMAZING and really hope u do more. I’ll be at every one!

For all that missed out…U REALLY MISSED OUT!

Good luck on the new line Vintage =]

Random Snaps from the show:

lol me and my mom in the outfits

Mind u…none of these pics are photoshopped…these are the actual lights from the show =]

xoxo. Barbiie =]

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  1. Markisha Ampan

    omg i cant believe i missed that it looks to hot….. mad at myself right now, ugh!

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