100th Post!; I’m on sale…

When I first made my new main, Barbiie Taurus, I figured I was only going to do 50l friday, TDR, hunts and any other discount group i could find. So far I been doing good w/ that. So today I’m posting alot of stuff that I got on sale.

Shape: Mines

Skin: Fhang Candy Nicki/Mint Biker

Eyes: Cupcakes Gift Bag 5-Gift Violet (Lucky Chair)

Hat: Milk Motion My Straw Hat (FLF this week)

Earrings: Wasted Youth Peacock Earrings

Hair: Ploom Ivonna in Mango (red pack)

Lashes: Glow Linkas

Liner: Mynerva Drow Liner (Platinum Hunt)

Necklace: Whippet & Buck Love is a Desert Necklace (Last Week’s FLF)

Tattoo: Pididdle Remember that I love you Tat (1l)

Dress: Milk Motion My Denim Dress (FLF this week)

Ring: JCNY Lady Luxe Collection, Engagement Ring (I’m ENGAGED ^.^!)

Tights: Izumiya Color Tights/White (30l)

Socks: Milk Motion My Leopard Socks (FLF this week)

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci Vidalia Pumps- FuiFui Turquoise (Armidi Sale-Ends this week o.o!)

Bag: Glow Studio KOS Gold Bag (TDR)

Bracelets: Glow KOS Gold Bracelet (TDR) , U&R Dogs Traumeuri Bracelet Antique (Fashion House)

Poses: Doll.

Sales I’m hittin up today:

Tyranny (Ends Sept 1)


Phoenix Rising (never been and they’re closing o.O)


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