IMVU; Where are they now?

This weekend there have been a large amounts of blogs attacking many people in the urban community of SL. Most users that we’re “put on blast” or “exposed” on the blog we’re people who originally came to SL from IMVU. As a past IMVU user, I feel that some people fail to realize the talent that did come out of IMVU. IMVU users have been called young, immature, and drama-filled. However many of the popular SL content creators have either played imvu or developed there as well. Many have become very successful on SL as well. Their humble nature and great business sense helps as well. This blog is to 1. Bring some positivity out of the fuckery that was written and 2. Showcase some great clothes (like i always do lol).


Sanya Bilavio (aka BluAbyss) started out as a skin creator, who early on got respect from veteran skin creators from Redgrave, went on to owning her own sim. Earlier this year she closed it with a bang; 20 freebie bags which packed the sim out for days. She is back now, located on the Eugene sim, along w/ Epoque. She offers high quality skins, shoes, accesories and clothing.

Style Card

Skin: Glam Affair Sofia V2-Dark-TDR 12
Necklace: Iced Leo Necklace (What’s Your Sign Hunt Gift)
Earrings: Glow No Round Earrings Gold (TDR)
Hair: Duboo Disco Boom (side) [Project Themeory]
Dress: Vive9 Pouff Pardon-Asemetrical
Bracelet: Glow KOS Gold Bracelets
Shades: Epoque Wooden Frames (Stumblebum Brigade)
Bag: So Many Styles Leather Tote Brown
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Salience Golden Black
Eyes: Glam Affair Stella Eyes
Piercing: LouLou&Co Venus
Poses: Everglow Model Pack 23 (Unicef)

Meriiah Triellis (aka LuvableMeme) is one of the youngest and successful developers from IMVU. Everyone owned a pair of her original, no copy and paste, jeans. She came over to SL and started out doing the same; jeans. She’s blossomed into a very creative creator; ranging her clothes from 80s fashions to funky everyday denims that everyone can enjoy. She stays ahead of the trends and always has something to offer any type of girl. This skirt I’m modeling was actually one of the first items I bought on Barbiie and I’ve always wanted to show it off.

Style Card

Skin: CandyDoll Alessia (Think Pink Hunt)
Hair: Lamb Glass Candy (w/o) in Sun-Dried Tomato (Hair Fair)
Tank: Paper.Doll Simple Tank Top White (Think Pink Hunt)
Skirt: Remy Plaid Puff Skirt Pink n Black
Bracelet: Blitzed Legacy Bracelet (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Necklace: Ha!! And Their Faith is Firm in Silver
Ring: Addict Chain Knuckle Ring
Earrings: Glow No Round Earrings Silver (TDR)
Lashes: Tiny Bird Fringed Lashes
Poses: [doll.] Tess Collection (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)

Lethal Couture

Emerald Emor, a former IMVU avi who never made anything there, made a BIG SPLASH on sl w/ her hidden talent. Her clothing is very in your face and great quality. It’s very rockish w/ a lil touch of Rihanna swag. Her clothing also reminds me alot of pop art. Its abstract and beautiful.

Style Card

Skin: Cstar PinkHunt Skin 2010 Edition #8
Teeth: Porcupine Love Full Teeth + Mole
Hair: Dernier Cri Taylor-Red Shades (Hair Fair)
Earrings: Exodi Hairspray Lurver (Think Pink Hunt)
Shirt: Lethal Couture All Roped Up Pink
Skirt: Lethal Couture Ultimate Stud Skirt Coal

Jacket: Emery Jacket Roxe Black
Cuffs: Luck Inc Ruffle Cuffs Black (Platinum Hunt)
Shoes: Gos Dare Booties

Havok/Ruckuz Wear

Chino and Trishiara (too many imvu name changes lol) have been a power couple since 2008. Chino had one of the hottest male clothing lines on IMVU. He then came to sl (after I forced him teehee) and owned the hottest urbanwear clothing line and urban clothing mall (Miami District). Miami District (also owned by Trish and Me) opened doors for many urban content creators while boostin our main stores. He also opened a second male store called Havok, which is more emo, skater and street. Miami did close and Chino got a sim for him, Emerald and Meriiah, titled 926 (which btw is Trish and Chino’s anniversary lol) What’s in store next? We’ll after some snooping, I see they are doing a discount group w/ the store’s on their sim called Freaky Fridays. They will have items for 69ls. When I get more info i’ll let you kno the scoop.

Tp to Havok

Miinii Inc/iDentity

Last but not least there’s me! Originally Ariandym (both on sl and imvu) I came here to actually escape the IMVU market and gain more revenue w/ secondlife. (IMVU=Walmart of Virtual Revenue; but that’s a whole new blog) I also came here to escape the immaturity of IMVU. Since SL was suppose to be a game for people 18 and older, I thought it would be better. However many minors are on the grid. I also noticed when I came over, alot of IMVU ppl came over as well. 2 years later, I just closed down my adult main iDentity with a rockin’ fashion show and killer sale. Though i’ve been told that I’m missed heavily, iDentity isn’t apart of my heart anymore. However, I found a creative resurrection with Miinii Inc. The kid market on sl is one of the most lucrative and creative on sl. We offer any and everything and in honesty, its more fun! My blog has also been syndicated to every major feed and gets 100s of views a day. Miinii Inc has also crossed over to the adult side of sl, being included in many hunts and Fashion House.

Tp to Miinii Inc

In conclusion: We might be from IMVU but we have skills. We understand this is a business and that is why we are here. Judging ppl on rl isn’t want SL is about and people who waste their time to be negative and try to expose people really have nothing else better to do. Instead of hatin on us, follow our footsteps so you can be just as successful.



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  1. If you knew anything, you’d know that Bluabyss got a DMCA by RG, for stealing her stuff. Learn your facts sweetheart.

    • It’s funny how “someone” says it and not who it really is…

      but if that is true, I never heard it *shrugs*

      • Well it’s quite obvious that you don’t go onto the IMVU forums, or go straight to RG, and see if that’s true. And I don’t have SL, or IMVU. My friend is on there. And really didn’t feel like posting, so I did.

    • So this my thing…You don’t have IMVU nor SL…and your commenting for your friend who could have just said it herself.

      Fact: After 2008 I stopped gettin on IMVU so no i don’t read the forums.

      Fact: Idk Redgrave so why would i hit her up like hey what happened w/ you and blu?

      Fact: I did however hear from my fam what I reported on my blog. If i’m wrong, fine. I could care less.

      The point of the blog was to showcase that we came from IMVU and we’re sucessful on sl too. And even if what u said was tru, she still successful.

      • And what about those who aren’t listed on here?
        Have you noticed how Blu has seams all over the place?

    • lol my blog is only so long…i didnt want to drown out my syndications w/ everyone who made it big…i just focused on my fam and her

    • apparently no matter where you go there is young minded drama lovers like…someone. maybe dym didn’t kno about the accusations, and they weren’t from RG originally.

      Her blog, so if she is reppin and respects vive9 for not only their skins but other items as well then kudos to her for putting a postive light on a negative situation. The purpose of the post was light hearted to turn a nasty situation into a postive and have fun in the process. Next time take a note out of dyms book and if you feel the need to say somthing even tho you dont exist on either grid then email her or reword it so you dont come off like such an asshole.

      good post dym.

      • First. I’m not an asshole. I’m a bitch. And I was just stating that Blu is a theft. And shouldn’t be called one of the best, when there are plenty of other IMVU >> SL devs that work their asses off. To make sure they don’t have seams.

    • One thing I KNOW about Blu is that Blu been doin original shit. That’s why she got so much shine on IMVU and hence thats why she’s getting shine now. That girl works her ass off and I’mma showcase her cause for 1. This my blog and for 2. She’s gifted as fuck. So i mean, if you believe she a thief thats coo…you’re entitled to your opinion. But I’m not gonna keep defending this cause its getting pointless now. lol

  2. Ashe Anthony

    Ahh, nice post!
    I can name some more people that started on IMVU and make nice stuff here, but are not part of the urban scene.

    I only knew about vive9, I had no ideas about the other brands in SL.

    I’m also a former IMVU user as well xd

  3. Sinead McMillan

    “(…)SL was suppose to be a game for people 18 and older”

    sorry love, i – and genuine sl-residents – are not “players” of a “game”.

    • Last time i checked Second Life was a Simulation Roleplay Game…

      Its like why are yall choppin up my words and gettin offended…this is crazy lmfao

  4. LOL well im not gonna post as “someone” this is BluAbyss. Redgrave never sent in a DMCA because the person that so called stated that i stole from them was a young child from imvu who has nothing better to do than start drama.

    Yes i agree that my older work was a bit sloppy, but i was just beginning developing and i have learned alot since then. I have never stolen or “theft” lol from anyone and if i had then i wouldnt be on sl right now, id be banned.

    Redgrave stated as well themselves, that they knew my work and had no belief that i stole any piece of their work.

    Those of you who believe my work is shitty or stolen then dont buy it, but i have countless proof that the situation with Redgrave was nothing more than a misunderstanding and the cause of someone from imvu not having anything better to do with themselves ❤

    • The fact is end of the day you will have haters. Just keep doing you because she prob upset she can’t make something of her own so she wants to sit and bash you on the blog.

      Get all facts together “Someone” because shit isn’t cute.

      • Very true, but im very thankful for people like Identity who can see that even though we are from IMVU we still can come to a place like second life and give everything we have to do something we enjoy doing. Im not the only talented person from IMVU that is on second life now,and its good to see so many people doing so well.

        Thank you everyone who supports me and my work <33

    • May I please see this proof?

  5. Yay for the experience that IMVU provided for myself and others who are not at all young or dramatic. Two years set me up for an intro to SL, as making and selling art wasn’t too much fun over there! Lol! It’s way fun in SL tho and I have had a lot of galleries, much more than I could have done in IMVU, plus let’s face it, the avatars here are (or can be!) way cuter too! Lol! Leonie Sczepanski aka Leonie Zurakowsky. PS Finally found a way to get my IMVU credits turned into lindens. Yay!

  6. *pops gum- ok its funny how you went and did another blog on what i wrote and have nevered came and said something to the blogger.? my info was correct.. and your trinna front and act like your skills matter??? dym you are washed up. no one shops at your store nor havoc. Making other accounts to try and sell your clothes do not solve nothing.. who do you know that has had the internet shaking like i have? no one.. and i feel like its time for me to come out. and show yall how its done…. i am a tad bit late on this but you’ll be ok? So Anyways, i will come back with a better blog. that one was done over night.

    • Indeed you are type late…and what you say doesn’t matter cause this is the internet hun…we make money and we spend it on rl shit…and you talkin bout i never came to you…why do i need to come to you…you won’t even admit to who you are when you make gossip blogs til people call you out. The fact of the matter is you stuck in high school mode and you think drama will bring you the attention you need to get through life. Its about time you really grew up and looked at yourself and realize that self esteem will make your life 10x better. Back in the days the gossip blogs hurt, no lie…but now its like come on son…#weoffthat…Its about time you realize that once we gone off the net it’ll still be here and you made no impact at all…we get money and bounce…now put that on your next blog…

  7. yoo emmy check ur fukn yahoo…………..

  8. Oh My Lord Its Virtual Stuff It Doesn’t Matter. And The Only Person I’ve Heard Of On This Is LuvableMeMe AND SHE IS AMAZING AT WHAT SHE DOES. I Cant Say That I Would Go To SL For Her Cause No Matter How Good The Creator Is, The Work Still Looks Like Crap With SL Terrible Graphics. I Really Did Try SL But I couldn’t Get Into It Because Of The Graphics, And I REALLY Like Making Outfits So Bad Quality Graphics Ruin My Fun XD.

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