Bare it….Blogger Challenge

So I’ve been looking at these blogs and there’s been a challenge to do a nude blog; Nothin’ but my hair, skin and shoes. Well they said you could wear other stuff but be skimpy. Me personally, I’m shy. I kno ya’ll like “it’s an avi” but she is apart of me lol. So i’ll show u my boobs but not my hooha o.O!

Hair: Magika Blind in Ruby

Skin: Glam Affair Castalia Tan 11

Teeth: Porcupine Love Full Teeth + Mole

Necklace: HOD Fallen

Shirt: Luck Inc Lifted Top Sheer Black

Skirt: Luck Inc Slutty Skirt Black w/ White String

Tights: Sheer Tights 29b: Very Torn Black

Ruffle Cuffs: Luck Inc Ruffle Cuffs Black

Shoes: GOS Dare Booties


About identitysl

Royalreign23 Resident

Posted on 09/29/2010, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Ummm… PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON! WHA DA EFF! O.O …. Signed…., Yo Mama! smh

  2. Dani Riaxik

    O.O…….whoa, your momma’s gonna whoop you chica *tosses you a wool blanket to cover up with, but not before snapping a few picks to post on* hehehe awesome look Barbiie

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