What’s TEA Girl!?

With all the hunts going on right now, The TEA Hunt by far is the easiest. Everything is Japanese Themed, all products are 1l and what makes it so easy is! ITS ALL IN OE TEA HOUSE. One visit, find the 22 boxes, bam! done. Here’s a couple of looks I put together from the hunt. I also included 2 skins from Heartsick.

TP to The Tea Hunt

Skin: Mother Goose
Hair: AY.LinE
Cherry Blossoms: Duboo
Kimono: Tomoto


Skin: Mother Goose
Hair & Outfit: [kik]
Umbrella: Nakamuraya
Pose: Marukin

Skin: Heartsick (not hunt related)[50l]
Hair: 69 (not hunt related)[NEW “Jessica”]
Sweater: TokiDoki
Leggings: Tee*fy
Bag: TokiDoki
Legwarmers: Tram
Shoes: Mocha
Pose: Marukin


Skin: Heartsick [Free]
Hair: Truth [Project Donate Item-No Longer Available]
Dress: Fore
Boots: KiiTos
Pose: Marukin

For More Info on the Tea hunt…Click Here


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