Hocus Pocus

So recently, I’ve been posting about Heartsick ALOT and ALOT of people have come to me saying how great her skins look on me. (OOT OOT) So yes again this is a Heartsick post. Today through November 5th, Heartsick is having a “Spook Halloween Hunt”. There are 13 ghost @ her main store filled w/ goodies; all 1l each.


Hat: Heartsick Witch Hat (HS Spooky Halloween Hunt Prize #01)

Skin: Heartsick Wicked Skin (HS Spooky Halloween Hunt Prize #08)

Hair: Lamb Sugar Hiccup Redo in Twix

Necklace: Miel Spidey Necklace (50l Friday)

Brooch: Laygo Bones Hand Brooch Gold (Gacha Festival)

Dress: Hucci Lexa Dress (Call for Couture)

Nails: U&R Dogs Nails Zemfira (Jewelry Fair)

Bracelets: Sinistyle Strap Bracelets

Tights: Sheer Torn Fishnet


Hunt Prizes 😀

Hairs, skins, ears, dresses, a witch hat, and some boots.



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  1. this skin really is awesome on you

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