Miss Murder’D; Short Story by Barbiie Taurus

It was their first date. Cheesy restaurant and a movie; but she liked her so she didn’t mind. Conversation was light during dinner and she real felt a connection. Her charm made her nervous and shy; all she could do was smile.

“Excuse me, little girl’s room.” She said as she got up.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long beautiful.” She winked at her and grabbed her hand to kiss it.

She blushed; “Yea yea, I’ll be right back.” She chuckled as she walked seductively to the back of the restaurant. She was happy to finally have found someone who seemed 100% sane. In prior relationships, her exes would go crazy and never give up after a break up. She hasn’t had a date in almost a year and was apprehensive to come.

She stares in the mirror, reapplying her lip gloss and fluffing her hair. She sighs and giggles, thinking about what was next to come on this perfect date. She walks to the door and is dragged back by a brute force.

“HEY LET ME GO!” she screamed. She turns around and its him. “W-w-what are you doing here? And in the girl’s room, da fuck!?”

He’s silent. He stares at his prior lover with disgust and regret. He still loved her and didn’t want her to be with anyone else but him.

“So you’re dating now?” He whispered finally.

“What does this have to do with you? We broke up like a year ago. What are you even doing here?” she replied as she blankly stared at him. She went to turn around but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the sink.

She struggled as he pinned her down.

“So…you’re dating…now!?” He repeated as he grabbed her neck. “After all i did for you, this is how you repay me!?”

“We…are…over!” she whispered as she tried to breathe.

He grunts. “We’re not over. You left but I never stopped loving you. You’re mines whether you like it or NOT!” He throws her into the handicap stall and prepares his weapon of choice; a knife. She’s woozy and can hardly see or breath. She whimpers for him to let her go. He stands over her and pulls her up by her neck. A last kiss, a last embrace. She would be his forever.

He stabbed her over and over again. Her eyes widened from the pain and she gasped with every stab. She collapses on the toilet; busting her lip and nose wide open. One last stab and he left the knife in her.

He walks out grinning at her date.

“That bitch didn’t have a chance.” he whispered.


Skin: Glam Affair Castalia Vampire Skin (TDR)

Hair: Truth Miranda in Cherry

Lashes: Glow Studio Avantgarde Eyelashes Linka

Piercings: HOD Fallen V2 Piercings

Earrings: U&R Dogs Candide Earrings Silver

Collar: Hat Mechanic Maus (comes in a set)

Bracelets: Naith Smit Chain Wrist; Fusion Belt Chain Bracelet; HOD Fallen Bracelet

Pasties: Luck Inc X Pasties

Outfit: Paper.doll The Victim

Shoes: Slink Aveela Stiletto Herringbone



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