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Name: Da’Reina (Da-Rain-Ah) Harris

Age: 24

Hometown: Hell’s Kitchen, NY

Occupation: Stripper

Background story: As a child I had two passions; art and music. My mom & dad made me take piano lessons at the age of 3 to keep me from running around the house and hitting my older brothers. My mom discovered I could sing at 5 and put me in so many pageants. I hated the smell of spray tans and hair spray so much, I’d make any excuse to go home. I won a couple of them but I really thought all the fakeness was stupid. At the age of 13, my world crumbled in my face. My father died of leukemia and I felt like i lost my better half. My mom took it so rough. So many nights of yelling, empty vodka bottles and broken syringes flooded my environment for the next 2 years. At 15 i decided to runaway to Hell’s Kitchen with a then boyfriend. He was about 7 years older than me and a great tattoo artist. I got my first tat of a portrait I drew of my father right in the middle of my back at 16. He continued to do my tats until I was 17. The relationship became rocky when I found out he had been cheating on me with other girls he tatted. Those wild tattoo parties he would make money at, were the same ones he’d find his next prey. He would tell me I was too young to go and for me to stay in school. I ended up dropping out my senior year because we broke up and I was homeless. I turned to the strip clubs for employment.  I started as a waitress since I was still 17. The owner didn’t want to have any troubles, plus he loved my curves. On my 18th birthday, I took my first spin on the pole and made $500. I blew it all on liquor and partying with some of my work buddies. One in particular held my attention. Her name was Vicki and she was about 21 at the time. We started dating and performing together at the club. Our on-stage make out sessions made us a clean $ 1,200 a week. We moved in together and i figured we’d be together forever. She started getting really lazy and stopped paying rent. She quit the club and pretty much mooched off of my earnings. Last year I kicked her sorry ass to the curb and she started stalking. I still have a restraining order on her til this day. A few months ago i reconnected with my mother. She went to rehab to clean up last year and our relationship has gotten better over time. I forgave her for all she did in the past and my brothers forgave me for leaving.

So why do you want to date Bret Michaels?: Um, for the cash !


Skin: LAQ Claudia2 Glow Peach 04

Eyes: Luck Inc Eyez – The Thing

Hair: Vive9 Fredja in Dust & Sugar

Makeup: Glam Affair Facial Tattoo TDR11 – 04

Piercings: HOD Dimpled Piercings (Christmas Gift)

Collar: Skream “I Love My Pain”

Necklace: Fusion Imperial Cross Necklace

Bracelets: Fusion Imperial Bracelet, HOD Fallen Bracelet, NSD Chained Wrist

Pasties: Luck Inc X Pasties Normal

Corset: Rosal Forte Corset [via marketplace]

Thong: Sassy Kitty Designs Mini Mini Skirts Black [Black Thong]

Pants: Luck Inc Leather Pants Low Cut Fleur

Shoes: Maitreya Allure Black



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