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Me and the Hersband [<—Link to her Blog] decided to RP a lil. Here’s the story:


It was one of those nights where there seemed to be nothing to do on a Saturday night. She walked to her laptop and logged into facebook.

“Hmm, maybe there’s some events happenin’ tonight,” Reina thought aloud while scrolling through her updates. She stumbled across one of her favorite band’s page and squealed, “Oh my gawd! TasteMyLipz is playing at the Roxy tonight!”

She jumped up from her chair to find the most revealing outfit she could. She always had a celebrity crush on the band’s lead singer and guitarist. Hard2BMe. She was the sexiest stud she had ever seen and no average Jessica could compare to her. Whenever she would listen to their music on her iPod, she would imagine Hard was singing directly to her.

She called her posse to meet her at the club and told them the plan: She had to meet Hard2BMe.

Her and her girls pressed their way to the front row of the club, shoving anyone and everyone out of their way.

A couple taps on the mic and a couple strums of the guitar silenced the restless crowd. There she was, sexier than ever.

“I’ve got to get her attention,” she whispered to her girls before moving to the center of the audience.

The band began to play and Reina danced seductively to gain her crush’s attention. She noticed Hard would lift up her shades a couple of times to glance. She hoped that was for her and it wasn’t all in her head.

The show was over and the band was making their exit.

“We’ve got to get backstage girls!” She exclaimed with worry in her eyes.

“Girl, maybe we should just go home. I mean, you know how those rockstars are. Girls flock to them like bees on honey,” her bestie said.

“Na, i’mma stay. I really wanna meet her. Yall can go. I’ll be fine.”

She walked out the club and walked towards the back alley. She saw their tour bus and noticed that the band was coming out the back door. She walked slowly and seductively towards her rockstar; lickin her lips along the way.

She got up the nerve to tap her on the back and said softly, “Hey there stud.”

She turned around and stared at the voluptuous woman before her. She removed her shades and said. “Now how did a girl like you get past our security?”

“Security. I never saw any.”

“Maybe they just moved out your way. What brings you back here?”


Hard chuckled and stared again. “Me?”

“Mhm. I’ve always wanted to meet you. A sexy boi with a guitar really turns me on.” She winked and smiled at her, nervous for her response.

She grabbed Reina’s hand and took her behind the club, away from her band and any other wandering eyes.

And then….

Welp, you’ll never know ;).


Style Credits:

On Reina:

Skin: Aleida Inga Tan Fresh (Fresh Love hunt)


Hair: Vive9 Anna Dust & Sugar

2.0 Tattoo Layers (Make-Up): Glow Studios Pin Up Liner

Lashes: Glow Studio Avantgarde Linka

Facial Piercings: Kowp Piercings Devotion 2 (Heart)

Necklace/Chains: Skream I Love My Pain Choker, Fusion Imperial Cross Necklace

Gloves: Sinistyle Taped Fist * Black Nails Full Fist

Bracelets: Sinistyle Strap Bracelet

Shirt: Lethal Couture All Roped Up

Pants: Luck Inc Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black

Socks: Luck Inc Garter Nylons Long Black

Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Pumps Black


On Hard2BMe:

Skin: Novita* Skins A urora 02/02/C

Hair: *DROT*-Steven

Head Accessories/Hats: AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ears – Human – Talons (w/HUD)

2.0 Tattoo Layers (Make-Up): !Wanted Shop/Stupid Things !Wanted Face tatt0o Musik Notes

Lashes: [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes

Facial Piercings: [EY:NO] Color Piercing, Cobrahive – Nose Swirl OO , [<] kOwP [>] Piercings ~ PRIDE Lip Rings, -SneeK- GamerBoy Typing AO

Eyewear: BALKANIK Custom KFL YOU Glasses blk2.0 prod

Bracelets: [Avoid] Box Bracelet (Boxed) Block Bracelet (Text Change)

Other Wearable Accessories: .:Hermony:. SpecialBlend Cigarette (Noir) (with exhale), DERP. Formal Shirt Tie PURPLE, [CALYPSO GIANO] ~Pepper~Belt – Multi, :.SEY GuitarBag/A[back](Guys)

Shirt: ::Gabriel::Luxury WHITE suit (black shirt w/ collar with tai_Glay) [worn w/o collar]

Gloves: SiniStyle Taped Fist (Full Palm only)

Pants: :.WoE.: Warehouse Jeans (Oxide)

Shoes: DEF! Shoe Box/Sneakers/Falsetto/Purple & Pink Ladyz


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  1. Hot!!!! Reina huh?? I so take that as a take off mah name ijs!! šŸ™‚

  2. what can be better, lol!!!

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