Heartsick Skins; Plans for March

Oh Amesha, how i love thee!

Amesha has been preparing her new line of skins called Spirit for a while now and for another teaser, she’s doing it 3 more ways.

Heartsick LM

1. Lucky Board skins

In the Harmony Tone, 3 cleveage options and a freckle option.


2. Group Gift-Check Notices

8 Tones, 3 cleveage options, freckle option. Its 100l to join the sl group.


3. 60l Skins: Watermelon

In Aura, Harmony and Eternity. 3 cleavage option. Freckle Option. Coming Soon


Specs on Spirit:

The spirit skins are an upgrade from the past skins that Heartsick have presented before:

+ Better skin shading
+ Redrawn cleavage and breasts shading for the full cleavage
+ Redrawn collarbone
+ 8 new skin tones that give a better and more realistic range of shades

The newest skintone names are (Pictured above):
1. Star
2. Aura
3. Muse
4. Harmony
5. Dream
6. Euphoria
7. Utopia
8. Eternity

Shots of the body:


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