Purrfect 10

So, today I’m at Pure Juice (yes it was lag free cause I went early!) and I noticed these shoes on a advertisement and I tried to buy them and I couldn’t. So I asked my friend where to get them. We took the lm from the ad and low and behold, Purrfect 10 entered my life. So she showed me where the group gift shoes were. There are 2 groups, VIP and regular. VIP is 510ls and regular is free. Both groups offer free shoes in the store. But here is the thing, VIP group, when you buy a pair of shoes, you get a discount. Can I get a HALLELOO?! So let me showcase what I got. The 6 shoes around are the group gift shoes and the ones I’m wearing in the middle are the ones I bought. [Sidebar-These are not ALL the group gift shoes but these are my absolute favs!]

The Middle Shoes [P10 Florence Heels Autumn Silver] i bought for 690l and got 172 back ;].

Stats on the shoes:

*Resize Script

*Easy Skin and Nail texturing

-Instead of a hud, its menu operated. It rezzed a skin ball and u edit the ball’s texture just like you would w/ any prim-

TP to Purrfect 10


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