Special Delivery | Urbano x Flite

Where I coped two more, bought four for Rza
Badboy thank you for this special deliver
Catch me by the pool in my Tony Starks slippers
Wonder woman armed, Ghost is intelligent
May 30 over dust dime I was killin ’em
Did cash on one sixteen I was feelin ’em
Then Dave kept the criss cold dollar bill on ’em
I lived it out — special delivery
I spit it out — special delivery
I sniffed it out — special delivery


Flite just released some limited edition sneakers literally an hour ago! They come in 5 colors: Red, Black, Gray, White and Pink. There are rigged and unrigged options for both male and female, metal options in black, silver and gold, platforms (as pictured) and lace options. There’s 150 pair in each color for 399l so hurry before they’re gone!


Hair: Boon

Hairbase: Unorthodox

Brows: NOX

Glasses: Epoque

Septum: Mons (TDR)

Lipstick: Yung4Eva

Earrings: DirtyMind

Necklace: Topic of Discussion

Shirt and Jeans: Urbano (T H I C K S event)

Bracelets: RYCA

Tattoos: Identity

Legwarmers: Whatever (TDR)

Shoes: Flite


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