Kiss my Ass…

Listen, I’m tired of your shit, uhu
Turn me up so I can hear me,
I need them to hear me
I’m so tired of your shit, oho
You ain’t shit and I’m leaving

I’m so tired of footing these bills for you
And that chick keep saying she pregnant too
Hope that baby don’t look like neither one of you
Now that’s what I call an ugly truth
So I’m through, I’m through

Cause you weren’t ready for love but you were ready to mmmm
Wanna show me it’s real, here’s the light bill
What you gonna do

By the way, don’t try to play me
12 years of looking crazy for you, you
No, how could you, you

Cause you know who you are
And all you’ve put me through
To raise your glass,
I ain’t even mad
You can just, kiss my ass
Baby you can just kiss my ass, mhm, oh


Hair: Chemistry

Brows&Liner: NOX

Lipstick: Yung4Eva

Septum: MONS

Collar: Yummy @ Collab88

Tattoos: Space Mermaid

Bracelets: Epoque

Dress: HighRize – Anybody

Shoes: Reign @ 100 Block


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