Dead! | My visit to Suicidal Unborn…

Have you heard the news that you’re dead?
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyway
Oh take me from the hospital bed
Wouldn’t it be grand? It ain’t exactly what you planned.
And wouldn’t it be great If we were dead?
Ohh dead.

So I follow a lot of people on flickr. Mostly designers and blogger and sometimes I just follow random people who have cool looking avatars (same with my facebook and avatar book). So I followed a cool looking avatar named Eleanor Cyberstar and I saw some sweatpants last night that I needed to have. So I get to the store and I swear I bought everything. I joined the group for 300l and grabbed a ROOM full of gifts. I have a few looks I want to show off but I’ll just do one today.


Headband: Suicidal Unborn (Group Gift)

Hair: Magika (New)

Eyeshadow: MUA

Lipstick: Yung4Eva

Bindi and Nose Chain: Beautitude at PHAT Fashion Fair

Septum: Soonsiki (Store name changed to Besom yesterday)

Bracelets: Epoque

Collar: Suicidal Unborn – Group Gift

Shirt: Suicidal Unborn

Shorts: Suicidal Unborn

Tattoos: Space Mermaid

Shoes: Vale Koer at Kustom9

TP to Suicidal Unborn


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