The Transfer || Netflix and Chill Edition


She stretches on the couch as the storm lets up and passes over her home. It had been storming all night, making her home a chilly temperature that she rather enjoyed. She snuggled up in her blanket and started watching her favorite show, Empire, until a vibration on the table interrupted her peace. She smiled as she saw her text.

            [Wyd?] She shook her head as she contemplating if she wanted her to come over. She replied, [Empire and snuggling up…hbu?]

Buzz, Buzz… [Without me?]

[Yup! You wanna come over? We can watch Netflix…]

[What? No chill?]

[Shut up and make moves.<3]


As she got up to tidy up, she to shut the doors to the other rooms in her house, bringing all the heat to the living room. The house she lived in was left to her by her grandmother who had unfortunately passed away. It was a sudden murder where the police couldn’t find the culprit. She was apprehensive about moving into the house, but since she didn’t get the job she wanted after graduation, a free home was better than none. As she went to close off the abandoned room, she struggled to get the shutter doors closed and caught a glimpse of her grandmother’s doll collection. She shook her head as she felt like the dolls were looking right into her souls through her eyes. She approached the room and picked up one of them, “Ugh…stop staring…I can’t believe nana owned these creepy things. I need to pawn you guys off…”


            As she waited for Her to arrive, she started an episode of Bob’s Burgers to pass the time. The room started to feel colder and none of her blankets weren’t helping. Her teeth chattered and she started to get up until a cold hand grazed her shoulder. She screamed as she turned around and saw the dolls behind a black spirit. She tried to run pass it but the spirit hit her bluntly in the head, causing her to pass out.


The dolls lead the spirit upstairs to the alter,

            “You sure we can’t just kill her?”

            “No we need the body…the last one was too old…She will be perfect for our plan…”

            The dolls gathered around the alter, holding hands as the spirit wrapped a noose around the girl’s neck. As he tightened and hoisted her up above it, her eyes popped open and she tried to get the rope from her neck. As she suffocated, the dolls chanted a spell for the spirit transfer.

            “Are the candles in position?”

            “Yes Anna. We are ready…”

            “Let us begin…” They held hands around the alter as the girl struggled to get free. Her eyes popped open as she witnessed the dolls moving and speaking and her heart raced before she fell into her death.

            “Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti! Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti! Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti!!!”


The plan was easy and was thought up from the leader, Anna. She had died in 1693, burned at the stake during the Salem witch trails. She wasn’t a witch, however, she wanted a revenge for her wrongful death. She transferred her spirit into dolls of every century, in search of the perfect vessel to live in. Every soul she captured and body she transferred into never worked. Either the body was too sick or too old. She was pleased with the girl moved in and wanted to wait before going with their plan. The other dolls, Beth and Corrine were next and were in search of bodies as well.

            As the body hung still from the ropes, The dark spirit laid it on the alter, helping Anna transcend into the girl. As her eyes opened, a red ring around her pupils formed and the spirited laughed, “You can’t just have normal colored eyes…they will know you’re possessed.”

            Anna observed her new curves and smirked, “No one will notice my eyes with this look…”  She stretched around in her new body and took a look in the mirror, “I’m perfect…” A knock at the door startled the dolls and Anna hushed them, “Beth…your body is coming…”


Anna walked down the steps in her sultry stride and opened the door for the suitor. She smirked and spoke quietly, “Come in…”

            “Sorry I took so long…thought I’d get us something to drink,” She stated as she walked in shivering, “It’s cold in here woman!”

            Anna chuckled, “Well we can warm it up…” She led her to the couch as the dark spirit wandered in the shadows. As they got on the couch, Anna immediately laid on her, cuddling and stealing Her warmth, “Comfy?” “Very…”


It wasn’t long before the couple started their Netflix date, which turned into making out on the couch. Anna figured that if she seduced her, she could kill her off and use her body for Beth. They would then leave and find a body for Corrine and they could get their revenge on the land. Anna kept the date’s hands on her hips as she straddled her.


She sucked on her lips, keeping her eyes open as she signaled the dark spirit. He brought over her favorite weapon, a dull knife, which she snuck in the back of her shorts. She moved her lips from hers and giggled as she went to whisper in her ear, “Let’s go upstairs…come with me…”


She led her up the stairs to the bedroom and the girl noticed the dolls and the alter,

            “Uhhhh what kinda dark shit you into?”

            She smiled and grasped her arm tighter, “You have no idea…” She twisted her arm behind her back and then got the knife out of her panties, “I need your body…sacrifice yourself!”


She struggled in her grasp, since the spirit was making Anna stronger. She took the knife and sliced her neck open, letting the blood ooze onto the floor before dropping her body on the alter. She smiled as her victim’s body laid stiff, looking over to Beth, “Are you ready?”


Anna kneels down with Beth and Corrine, chanting the spell, “Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti! Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti! Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti!!!”

The dark spirit helped her transcend into the body and She rose up smirking, whipping off the vest, “This body is much taller than my last one.”

Anna laughed and she stared at her illuminating eyes, “Cuter too…” Beth pushed her as they laughed, looking back at Corrine, “Soon love…very soon…” Corrine nodded before going back into her toy state and the two looked back at each other, “Let’s make this quick…we have other work to do.”



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