A limp body hangs from the gallows, spinning slowly as she stares into the distance. She wonders how she got here, where her escape would be…who did this to her. She opens her eyes fully and notices a dark shadow lurking in her peripherals.

“Hello? Hello! Help ME! What am I doing here?!” She yelled to the shadow. The empty walls echoed the vibrations of her voice and the shadow finally came into the light. She picked up the file and smiled behind her mask, “Marisol…nice to see you again…”

“Again?! I’ve never been here…who are you?! Let me go!”

She drops her bag of weapons on the ground and slowly approaches, “Ah ah ah…you don’t make any commands here…you don’t ask questions…you don’t have any choices…”

“What?! Why are you doing this?!” She starts to cry loudly and the figure rolls her dark eyes, smacking her teeth at the noise.

“Please shut up. I’ll explain everything…” She grabs the syringe off the table and pokes her victim, injecting her with a numbing serum, “This will paralyze you for a little bit. I need to be able to move you without you flailing all over the place. That can be SUPER annoying…”


She tries to speak but her mouth is frozen, her body stiff. She moans out softly as the figure cuts her out of the ropes, letting her body drop to the ground before she picks her up and throws her to the table, “WHOOPS! My bad…Usually I have a partner but…He’s busy tonight…Men…am i right?”

Marisol’s body starts to bruise due to the skin hitting the hard, cold floor, which stimulates the figure like no other. She cuffs her to the table and then slaps Marisol as her body looks like it’s dozing, “Uh uh…no sleeping dammit! You’re gonna be up this whole time! You understand!” She makes her nod her head and laughs loudly, “Woo this is gonna be fun…ok let me get your file and explain to you why you’re here!” She gets the file and plops down to the ground as she reads,

“Marisol Cruz…24…female…” She checks her out and smiles, “Yup…female…came in last week for a suicide attempt…OH….let’s see what ya did!”

Marisol starts to move around and her mouth starts to loosen, “It—it was—-was a mistake!”

“Mistake? hmmm let’s read…Ok so you took a full prescription of Oxy with some wine…your boyfriend found you and then you got your stomach pumped. 72 hour watch and then you were released…well not really…I took you.”

She starts to cry again, whimpering under her breath, “Who—who are you?”


She grabs her hand and shakes it, “Call me Muerta..,”


“Yea…it’s better than Grim Reaper right?”

“What? I’m confused…”

“Yea it’s a street name. I work at the hospital. So what my partner and I do is take people from the hospitals…just random people we like…or one with materials we need…and we off them…but we do it slow. We want you to feel EVERYTHING…because why not go out like a champ!”

She tries to shake free from the restraints as Muerta laughed harder, “Girl…just no…stop please. I promise you when this is over, you’ll be thanking me…I mean you wanted to go anyways…what’s the issue?”

“Why do you want me? I can just go and I won’t tell anyone…”

“I don’t care who you tell, bitch you staying…besides the fact you tried to kill ya liver, everything else in your body is viable. We have some people at the hospital that can really make use of what you have…since you were gonna let them go anyways…”

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself!”

“Oh…fiesty…tell me anything sweetheart…actually tell me what happened…” She gets up and grabs her axe from the table and stands over her body, “Well..”


She starts to stammer over her words as she sees the blade of the axe over her body, “P-p-p-please….”

“Can you just tell the damn story before I get mad…”

“I was…really mad ok…and my boyfriend…he was being a jerk. I lost my job and he wasn’t there for me so…I got really drunk. And…I thought I just needed his attention…”

She shakes her head and starts to giggle, “Girl…that’s so dumb…see that’s what’s wrong with girls like you. Always need approval and consolement from your partner to get by…”

She drags the axe on her stomach and and laughs mechanically as she makes a slight cut, “Tell me what else you’ve done for attention…”

She yelps at the cold blade and looks up, “Please…I’m begging you…just let me go Muerta…” She digs the axe in deeper into her stomach and Marisol screams out in pain. She shakes her axe at her and yells louder, “TELL ME…WHAT ELSE YOU’VE DONE!”

Muerta goes back to the table and grabs some gloves and a cooler getting herself ready for surgery.

“You’re not going to give me anything for this pain?!”

“HAHA nope. Tell the story.”

She bites her lip, “He makes me really mad…a lot…I’ve keyed his car…”

“oooo! Bad girl.”

“I’ve smashed his headlights…”

“Oh wow…you crazy…” She grabs her scalpel and digs in deeper into her lower abdomen as she starts to cut out her lower intestine. She hums a tune as Marisol screams and cries, causing her to pause, “I’m going to gag you if you don’t stop.”

“This is torture! You can’t treat people like this!”

“Oh…but I can!” She grabs the syringe and ejects the serum again, paralyzing her body as she continued her work. She collected her small intestine, one of her kidneys, one of her lungs and her pancreas. She grabbed a staple gun and started to close up the orifices as her victim started to wake up. She cried harder as her body was getting weaker. She barely spoke above a whisper, “I—I’m dying…”

“I-I-I knowwwwww…”


She took the axe and cut random parts of her body, collecting blood in bags and then some for her own collection and personal use. As she stapled her legs and wrist she stared down and lifted her mask, showing her face. The victim tried to scream but was too tired, she knew her face. As Muerta smiled and walked back to her table, she grabbed her chainsaw and stood above the body, “I really…just wanna make you suffer more…but I really wanna end it now…” The blank stare from her victim started to piss her off, so she took the chainsaw to her face, cutting up her cheek a bit.


As Marisol grew weaker, Muerta transferred her to a ice bath, covered her up and left her to call her partner,


“Yes? Is it done…”

“Yes…I have the organs for the hospital sir.”

“Good…who was the donor?” She grabs the file and reads, “Marisol Cruz.”

“You dumb whore…I told you Maria Cruz…this girl means nothing to me.”

“This is the fucking file that was left for me Frank! You need to hire better nurses that know what the fuck they’re doing!”

“Watch yourself bitch. You still do good work for me…well go get Maria.”

“I’m tired…”


“I don’t care.” He hangs up and she looks back at the body as she died. She sighs and goes to hang her up for Frank, “Well Marisol…you died in vain…but you’re gonna help a few people for your sacrifice…” She kissed her cold, dead lips and smiled, “See you soon…”

She grabbed her bag and her phone to call her mother and smiled as she heard her voice,


“Maria? Where are you? It’s been weeks…”

“I might not make it back…but…I love you.”


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